Tuesday, August 27, 2013

House Divided Wreath DIY

I saw a wreath on Pinterest a week or so ago, but it was just a Pin of a picture. No biggie, I found a tutorial for a Fabric Wreath. Gosh I just LOVE Pinterest (follow me!)

So here is how I made the house divided wreath!

I bought 2 yards of black, 1 yard of red & yellow, and 1 yard of UGA and GA Tech prints at JoAnn's, luckily I had some coupons to help with the cost, those stupid Licensed fabrics are $10/yard!

I also bought a wire wreath, I found mine at Hobby Lobby, I bought some wooden ovals (was looking for footballse) but ended up not using them because I remembered I had a house divided garden flag, but no garden to place it in!

*Disclaimer - I bought way too much red & yellow and a little too
much black, and this is what I have left over of everything*

First I cut the black, red & yellow in 2in strips and then cut them again, 6-8in long. After attaching them I realized that the thinner the strips the easier they were to tie, so I cut the UGA & GA Tech in 1 1/2in strips. 

Second, I tied the black all around the wreath, as there is black in both team fabrics.

So I wouldn't put too much of the red or yellow I figured out what half the wreath was, it was quite easy. The wreath was sectioned off in 10 equal parts, so I did 5 yellow and 5 red. I tied a red and yellow on the top and bottom.

This is what it looked like before I put the team fabric.

Since it took so long, and I bought the cheaper Pinking Sheers, I took the weekend off and cut the rest of the fabric yesterday. I have a blister on my middle finger, ouch!!!

I finished this last night while waiting on Steven to get home, which was about 10:30pm, yuck!!

The flag came with a rod and suction cups, we tried to suction it to the door, but we didn't think it would stay, so I took the suction cups off, and put floral wire through the holes in the rod and attached it to the wreath. I then kind of adjusted the flag so both teams were visible. 

And to think, I plan on doing this a couple more times, and soon! HA! 

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